J. Nezha investigative reporter

I, and my SkyReporter Team, work to unmask cheats and scams in the world of fashion, finance, Italian entertainment and more!


J. Nezha is an accredited member of the IAPP

International Association of Press Photographers


Thanks to my professional team and decades of preparation we have many unmasked Scoops in our history!

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Do you think there is a major scam or scam going on in Europe? Do you need to get in touch with us?

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J. Nezha investigative journalist, together with my team of collaborators, each specialized in their own field.

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Discover scams, unmask fraud, reveal illegal maneuvers, reveal with tangible evidence and denounce injustices, these are my priorities !!

- J. Nezha

The SkyReporter Team

Professionalism and competence are the main requirements of the SkyReporter staff members, engaged in investigative journalism for many years now. The staff increasingly expanding in recent times now includes 7 members, including hackers, reporters and various computer scientists, a perfect mix that allows you to complete every set mission!

J.Nez has the mastermind of SkyReporter

J. Nezha from my idea of ​​a project born more than a decade ago, today I am the leader of the SkyReporter Team, an established staff of investigative journalists. Cunning and ingenuity are our main qualities that allow us to always be one step ahead.