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Latest journalistic Scoops in the SHOW field

Corruption at the Talent Show

The participants already knew everything before it was announced, already because the victory had been bought well before the final was played, and therefore we went to the televoting which arises are not controllable, instead it is what happened in a coveted television program , the victory of that musical group would have opened the doors between sponsors and record sales for him, and so it was. Doubts had arisen and our team confirmed them with tangible evidence.

Preview at the cinema

It is often known that at the previews of the films there are the most well-known characters of the show, that evening however there were only 12 people present, contrary to what happens in other circumstances, in which the more the audience is, the more is the publicity that derives from it, but not that evening, because everything had to remain anonymous, a normal evening at the cinema has actually become a business of methamphetamine and briefcases full of money, luckily our Team, thanks to reports, has discovered everything, blocking the encounter before the crime was even completed.

A “normal” dinner

Apparently it seemed like a normal dinner between work colleagues, a meeting between Super Stars of the cinema known practically all over the world, you could never think that from a dinner what happened then could come out, there were 7 minors present that evening, a really unexpected minor prostitution trafficking, but this is what came out after months of investigations, no one would have expected Hollywood stars to fall so low, but thanks to our team the discovery was disconcerting.


Irregular procurement

It is well known that tenders can move the profit bar of all companies in the sector, if you have the right connections and a bit of banknotes under the mattress, everything is much easier, this is what happened some time ago. to a large construction company in central Italy, state works increased more and more but the number of construction sites that were born did not go hand in hand with those that were completed, yes because it was all a facade because once the necessary funds were obtained to carry out the operations were diverted to foreign offshore accounts, the suspicion had come to many, but our team went from words to deeds discovering the whole matter in detail.

Scandal on the stock market

You know, no one can know exactly what will happen to a stock on the stock market, the risks of losing your capital are around the corner, but not that time. Yes, because thanks to the tip of the CEO of a very famous leading company in the sector of commerce and production of technological products, some people took home millions and millions of dollars, or rather these were their intentions, but that strange trend of the stock did prick up your ears to our team that after weeks of studies and checks brought the matter to light, creating serious problems for the shareholders but above all for the CEO who masterminded everything.

Onlus that you do not expect

If before the Noprofit companies could be counted on the fingers of one hand, today this is no longer the case. The curiosity to know what happens to our money donated with the heart to those who have not been lucky in life there has always been because perhaps the doubt that not all the donations ended up there where we have always promised, but no one could ever expect that from the funds needed to build a gigantic hospital in a third world nation a scandal of gigantic proportions could arise. This is what happened to one of the most famous non-profit organizations present today online and especially on TV with tear-jerking commercials exploiting children in need unaware of everything, but after an investigation that lasted months it all came to light thanks to the evidence provided by our team.


Politics and soccer?

Everyone knows, today politics and the strong powers move the fate of the world, and when a group of politicians has to deal with football teams from non-first-class leagues, the risk that something does not go as it should is just around the corner. This is what our team found thanks to the many reports received, those characters had their hands in too much business, it will not even have been difficult for them to agree to benefit first of all for themselves and then also for the football club in question, a double promotion that left everyone speechless.

Life in prison for nothing

A life sentence can turn your life upside down, it was the end of a young woman mother of two small children who had decided to talk too much according to a former Italian parliamentarian who decided to make her pay dearly. When you see with your own eyes and decide to talk about the risks you can run with certain people, they have no limits, in fact everything has turned against them undergoing complaints about complaints, all invented, but if presented by certain people a few years in prison with the slow bureaucracy of today does not take them away from you. Luckily our team went to the aid of the young mother who, with tangible proofs, managed to save the poor woman from many worries.

Like a Rave party

From an evening spent with former political colleagues also not belonging to the same political party, to end up like a Rave. Yes, because that evening there was really nothing missing, from kilos and kilos of Hashish and various mixtures, to boys and girls exploited to please their sexual desires, and much more. This is what happened in the immense villa of a famous politician who is no longer in office but well known throughout the nation, because he still holds who knows how many national companies and beyond. The music was just a background while some truly ignoble crimes were committed, luckily our staff discovered everything.